Darkness to Light


Darkness to Light, a  52,000-word science fiction novel about a utopian/dystopian world that forms after a nuclear devastation, shows the dramatic reemergence of struggling communities through the experiences of a young archeologist, revived cryogenic characters, Messianic Jews, and an array of barbarians.

After this great catastrophe, the world enters a dark age when governments collapse as civilizations crumble. In the aftermath, survivors start the long and difficult journey back.

Paradise, a new nation state, exist on the eastern coast of the former United States. Women rule. The only males not killed at birth reside at the sperm farm. Providing this resource is their only function. This society is divided into Wos, who are female, and Donors, who are male. The Department of Fertilization is the only parent that a child knows. Outside Paradise other societies struggle to exist. Messianic Jews occupy the Northern Zone. Their capital is New Jerusalem. Barbarians are encroaching on both countries, which are in constant conflict with each other.

Generations after the great catastrophe a Wo archaeologist, Beth, discovers John in a capsule in the basement of a Decon Cryonics Center. After John is out of his frozen state, the two start an epic journey through a constantly changing world. It ends with humankind moving from a dark age toward the light.