About the Author

David Maring, a retired Circuit Court Judge, has combined his legal experience with his military training and his strong southern biblical background to create spellbinding, can't-put-down suspense/thriller novels.

His most recent work is "Carolina Justice". In 1948, the small southern city of Georgetown, SC becomes a hotspot of racial tension after the brutal rape and murder of two women. The novel explores unjust social order, and what it takes for the concept of equality to truly take root in a culture steeped in older traditions.


David's first novel "The Serpent's Seed" is an exciting story of murder, international political intrigue, the origin of mankind, secret societies, devil worship, and a military confrontation with Iran. 'The Serpent's Seed' combines biblical theology with the threat of modern day nuclear catastrophe. It has the mysticism of the Da Vinci Code combined with the international intrigue of a Tom Clancy thriller.

The story continues in "The Mullahs", the exciting sequel to "The Serpent's Seed".