The Serpent's Seed

Midwest Book Review (1/3 down page,'Carson's Shelf') says: “The Serpent’s Seed” follows archeologist William Weston as he finds his legacy defining discovery, finding evidence of Enoch, the fable city built by the biblical Cain. But growing international tension threaten his search, and there may be more on the line than the advancement and discovery of greater knowledge. “The Serpent’s Seed” is a strong addition to thriller collections.

In this gripping novel of murder and internationalsSeed_cover_small.jpg intrigue, an archaeologist and his assistant search for clues behind the origin of mankind.

"The Serpent's Seed" is a sweeping international thriller which takes the reader to locations varying from modern-day America to the dry desert of the Middle East, through confrontations both personal and political, from within the context of biblical theology to the threat of extinction by nuclear warfare.

A 'can't put down' must-read, "The Serpent's Seed" will pull you in to a story that is easy to believe, and impossible to resist...

A judge in the Writers Digest Magazine International Book Awards had this to say: “The Serpent’s Seed is an excellent thriller combining biblical history with romance. Because of the setting and events in the book, this is a timely story that relates to what’s happening today. A unique premise, the plot has plenty of twists and unexpected turns as it unfolds—far better in every way than the Da Vinci Code  -  the quality of writing is brilliant, the characters are fully developed and the reader cares what happens to them, and the time frame and events are believable. This book deserves a large audience.

Kirkus Review says: "The search for the first city built by Cain pits secret legions and countries against one another in Maring’s (Carolina Justice, 2012, etc.) novel, the first of a trilogy.

Bill Weston, a professor of archaeology, and his assistant, Rachael Goldstein, believe that they’ve found the map to the city of Enoch, named after Cain’s firstborn son. When they also get their hands on an ancient staff from Enoch, The Society—reputed descendants of Cain—uses its drones and assassins to do its dirty work. While Bill and Rachael decipher a language of unknown origin and Detective Thomas O’Conner investigates murders and blood with indeterminable genetic material, The Society pushes toward its ultimate goal—reaching the Apocalypse. Maring’s religion-themed novel details theories of Adam and Eve, most notably the idea that Cain is actually the spawn of Satan. The alternate perspectives, however, are presented only as hypotheticals, never contentiously, and the story eventually makes room for military attacks and kidnappings, as nuclear weaponry seems to be The Society’s preferred method for instigating Armageddon. Unfortunately, female characters are excessively sexualized, especially Rachael. This tends to paint the men in a bad light; they’re the ones leering or making inappropriate advances. Well-constructed plot connections enhance the novel as terrorism comes into play during O’Conner’s investigation. Some small details add interest, including a female U.S. president; The Society’s counterpart, The League of Seth—Seth being Adam and Eve’s other son; O’Conner insisting that his assistant, Betty, come along each time he’s reassigned. The romance between Bill and Rachael earns its ink—the two don’t jump into bed right away, opting instead to internally debate anything they say or do with one another.

Fast-paced, nuanced and full of action."


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