Press and Reviews for 'The Serpent's Seed'

Within days of its release, "The Serpent's Seed" climbed the charts both in the USA and abroad. placed it on their list of "Hot New Novels".

"The Good Book Guide", an English literary magazine that evaluates new books, gave "The Serpent's Seed" a high ranking and recommendation to readers.

"The Serpent's Seed" received favorable mention in Writer's Digest magazine's 15th International Book Awards. Over 15,000 novels published were entered for consideration. The literary judge commented, "'The Serpent's Seed' is an excellent thriller combined with biblical history and romance. Because of the settings and events in the book, this is a timely story of what's happening today. A unique premise, the plot has plenty of twists and turns as it unfolds - far better in every way than 'The DaVinci Code' - the quality of the writing is brilliant, the characters are fully developed and the reader cares what happens to them, and the time frame and events are believable. This book deserves a large audience."

One reader reviewed it as follows:

"I purchased the book for my father and now it has made it around the family. We all loved it. It is much like the Davinci Code but less complicated and an easier read. We enjoyed the references to familiar places in Charleston. Quite interesting and well-written first novel. We are hoping for a second installment carrying on the professor's expeditions."


From the Georgetown Times.

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